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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: C

As told by guest reporter Ron…

…And then there was one.

Jacques, Ron, and Karbo braved the wilds of Homestead to congregate at Chiodo’s. Kevin and Beth apparently forgot that the alphabet has more than 2 letters, thereby leaving Ron as the only one to make every stop on the A-to-Z bar tour so far. (Editor’s note: I was on vacation.)


Three letters:

  • Ron (A, B, C)

Two letters:

  • Jacques (B, C)
  • Kevin (A, B)
  • Beth (A, B)

One letter:

  • Meredith (A)
  • Mop (A)
  • Paige (A)
  • Harry (B)
  • Sean (B)
  • Tara (B)
  • Karbo (C)
  • Bender (B)

No letters:

  • Gina (an excuse that seems a little too convenient)
  • Ruiz (“I’m not allowed out.”)
  • Kaleigh (“I don’t know how to drive.”)
  • Shane (“Damn fuzz confiscated my ID.”)
  • Lori (“I never learned the alphabet.”)
  • Kimmi (“I only drink at bars in Ireland.”)
  • Goofy (waiting in line to buy the booger game)
  • Kristi (too busy telling people that they can’t use the internet)
  • The starting line-up of the ’76 Flyers (too busy abusing people)

Hopefully, some people will redeem themselves at Sham Rockin’ on the South Side in 2 weeks. After all, it is for the little kids.

Everson – get a new damn car.

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