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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: E

It was a respectable turnout at the Elbow Room, the venerable Shadyside establishment. Beth, Jacques, Kevin, Ron, Sean, Tara, and Mop “I’ll make all the vowels.”

We take full credit for causing confusion among the staff. “Looks like it will only be six of us.” “Let’s say six with room for a possible seventh.” “Make that seven with a possible eighth.” When we were ready to order, nobody seemed ready to order.

All was well in the end, however, including the post-dinner arrival of Kimi, who joined Beth, Jacques, Kevin, Mop, and Ron at Excuses on the South Side, which was our original “E” selection. Stay away from the Yuengling Black & Tan, Beck’s Dark, and other taps with low turnover. Refresh those kegs and clean those lines, guys!

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    Loveed reading this thank you

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