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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: G

As reported by Ron

The “G” Report – The continuing saga of the A-to-Z bar tour, sponsored in part by www.madzia.net.

Meredith and Paige joined Ron and Karbo at the Getaway Cafe to start the St. Patty’s day celebration a little early. Meredith, who plans to attend next week and thereby attend more letter bars than her dad and aunt, had a great time climbing in the booth and crawling under the table.

Paige decided that since the Mop was in Kentucky, it was a good time to get all liquored-up. And since Mop’s away next week too…

After the Getaway, Karbo asked “Where should we go now?” Ron cleverly quipped, “Gee, let’s go to the Apple.” Both agreed that the response began with “G,” so that they were still keeping with the spirit of the evening.

Tara and her cousin Karen were no-shows because Tara was tired. I guess that Everson is contagious.


  • Seven letters:
    Ron (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)
  • Six letters:
  • Five letters:
    Kevin (A,B,D,E,F)
    Beth (A,B,D,E,F)
  • Four letters:
    Jacques (B,C,D,E)
  • Three letters:
    Karbo (C,F,G)
  • Two letters:
    Meredith (A,G)
    Mop (A,E)
    Paige (A,G)
    Sean (B,E)
    Tara (B,E)
  • One letter:
    Harry (B)
    Bender (B)
    Kimmi (E)
  • No letters:
    Gina (Having strange cravings for a Pickle/Ice Cream/Banana/Tomato/Cole Slaw Sandwich and a Light Beer)
    Ruiz (Too busy drinking Gina’s lambics and refilling the bottles with cherry pop)
    Kaleigh (Trying to figure out why and how they put the baby in there in the first place)
    Shane (Got a killer hangover)
    Lori (Waiting at a STOP sign – damn thing never changes to GO)
    Goofy (Still waiting in line to buy the booger game)
    Kristi (Has to read a large backlog of e-mails from Kimmi)
    The starting line-up of the ’76 Flyers (Trying to pal around with Marty McSorley)
    Karen (Tara’s too tired to take me anywhere)

P.S. (From the editor) Meanwhile, Kevin and Beth paid homage by doing the Mongol Beer Dance in front of the Board of Trade Building in downtown Chicago, atop which stands a statue of Ceres, the goddess of grain.

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