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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: H

Beth went out boozing with some friends from her office after work that night. By the time Kevin had the requisite beer with them at the River City Inn and got things moving, it was 8:00 when they got to Hemingway’s Cafe. They suspected that Ron might have been there, and left after having waited alone for a while.

Anyway, they have Guiness on tap, and the food was decent (once they found a wait-person). They were joined by Beth’s friend Dalia and her boyfriend LeRon (Ron-Ron?).

After dinner, the party moved on to Jack’s on the South Side. No “H” in the name, but they had darts and an available pool table. Kevin and Beth kicked butt at the dartboard, but LeRon had his say in return on the pool table against Kevin.

Update on 04/03/00: Ron was, indeed, there waiting until 7:45. Mop claims to deserve credit, since he was in the Hospitality Suite at the Hyatt in Long Beach, California.

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