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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: K

I was home from work at a reasonable hour, and after reading the mail and the other usual chores, it was about 6:35. I thought, “Plenty of time to relax and listen to the radio a bit before heading down to Kason’s.” I awoke with a start a while later, and saw that the clock said 7:25. I jumped in the car and raced down the mountain and over the river, and found a parking space half a block away from Kason’s. At 7:30 exactly, I found Ron at the bar, glancing deliberately at his watch.

We had a couple of beers and overhead a disturbing conversation of a sexual nature by a group of middle-aged people. We decided to head up to Kaib’s on Mt. Washington for food.

The sandwich seletion was ample; I opted for the Rueben while Ron chose a plain hamburger (which showed up with cheese on it anyway). The beer is a bargain–a buck for a Yuengling Black & Tan draft.

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