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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: X

To have come so far only to be foiled near the end…

We searched burghbars.com, Yahoo! Yellow pages, and even resorted to (gasp!) paper phone books. If only Xanadu had not shut down! But the only place found to fit the bill was Xi Cheng, an alleged Chinese restaurant located in the wilds of Beaver Falls.

We attempted to call to verify that they fit the criteria (i.e. had a bar). Kevin got a recording; Ron got what sounded like a fax machine. So, for lack of any better ideas, the two of them, joined by Beth, decided to make the trek up north to check it out in person.

Upon parking and exploring the main drag of Beaver Falls, we found the address, occupied now by the all-to-familiar-to-the-area boarded up windows and doors. We took a spin through town on the off chance that there might be some other “X” bar, or at least any place that begins with an “X” that we could stop and down a six-pack in front of, but it was not meant to be.

So, we went back the way we came, and stopped for dinner and a pitcher of Yuengling at Yolanda’s, located in Chippewa. It was a decent Italian place with a family atmosphere. Beth got a Gyro-Zone, which provided enough food for another night’s dinner or two; Kevin tried the chicken parmesan, and Ron got a pizza.

Ron later stopped in at the White Eagle Inn on the South Side, so a “W” and a “Y” averaging out to an “X” is the best we could do.

We’ll continue with another “Y” next week for those that are interested…

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