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Western Road Trip – More Boulder, CO

On Wednesday Jan 7, Brad, Kristin, and I loaded up the skis and headed to Breckenridge for the day. It was a decent day; intermittently sunny and not too cold, but many of the lifts were closed in the morning due to high winds. Things calmed down later and just about everthing was open for the afternoon except for Chair 6.

On Thursday Jan 8, Kristin caught the bus back to the Denver airport, Brad headed to work, and I was on my own for the day. It was considerably warmer and clearer than earlier in the week, so I decided to head up to Mt. Sanitas again. I took the Ridge Trail up the back side, which is more in the shade, so still had a good bit of ice and snow on it. The way back down the main trail was pretty clear and easy going, though.

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