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Western Road Trip – More Nederland, CO

On Friday 9 Jan, I headed up to Eldora Mountain Resort to ski for the day. It was a decent hill, but it has a reputation for being very windblown. The front side on this day was in pretty good shape. I ventured over the the back side once, but the main slope there was a solid sheet of ice, and the more interested backcountry terrain was closed. The front side was enough to keep me having fun for the day, though.

On Saturday 10 Jan, Brad and I headed back up to Eldora for more snowshoeing. It warm a warm and beautiful day, and the people-watching was good, with lots of other groups of snowshoers and cross-country skiers out.

After the mountain excursion, we stopped in the town of Nederland for coffee, then headed back down to Boulder for a fantastic lunch at Hapa Sushi Grill. Their happy hour rates allowed us both to eat our fill of sushi rolls for under $20.

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