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Western Road Trip – Oklahoma!

Leaving Amarillo and continuing east this next morning, I took a detour off of I-40 to see a piece of pop art inspired by the “Cadillac Ranch ” (I believe in Nevada) and other similar work. I also stopped to see the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere, the National Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Elk City (better than the National museum in Clinton).

As I continued east through Oklahoma on I-40, I approached Oklahoma City. I decided to stop and see the memorial for the Oklahoma City bombing. I had never heard or seen any information about this memorial before; I just assumed that there must be one. It was easy to find in the center of the city.

Even though I did not personally or indirectly know anyone killed in the bombing, I have never been more affected by a public memorial before. In an ideal world, displays like this would not be necessary. But given that they are, this one was done right.

The Gates are Time are the primary feature of the memorial. The are at opposite ends of the reflecting pool. The water in the pool in only and inch or two deep.

There are 168 chairs in the field, representing the 168 victims killed in the bombing. They are arranged in nine rows, representing the nine floors of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Nineteen of the chairs are a smaller size, representing the nineteen children victims.

Elements such as the graffiti painted on the wall of the neighboring building have been preserved. The building is the former Journal Record Building, which is now the memorial’s museum and visitor center.

Following my visit to the memorial, I went over the Bricktown, which is Oklahoma City’s entertainment district. I had a delicious steak and stout at the Bricktown Brewery.

I continued east on I-40 into Arkansas, and got a room at a cheap hotel just short of the Tennesee border.

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