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Psycho Voice Mail

I received this unusual voice mail message tonight on my home number.

Here’s a transcript of the message if you don’t feel like listening:

Hi, Kevin. This is Theresa Schuck. I’m trying to get out of here, trying to get out of this, um, psych ward. I’m at 412-246-6734. My family is waiting on me at Station Square, from all over the country. Please call me back. Help me, please.

The next day, a couple different friends of mine, out of curiosity, called the number above, and confirmed that it was indeed, from the Western Psychiatric Institute Clinic in Pittsburgh. I called the main number of the Clinic on the evening of Feb. 6, thinking it would be wise to report the incident. After I explained the reason I was calling to the main operator, she transferred me to the “safety” department. The gentleman there asked me what I would like them to do about it. I explained that I just thought that they would want to know about it, so he suggested that I talk to the clinical staff, which I assume meant the people who might actually be caring for the mysterious caller. When I spoke to them and described the incident one more time, they did sincerely apologize for the intrusion, but did not seem too concerned about getting the details about the call; they did not take down the phone number that was left on the message.

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