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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: M

April 27, 2000 Leave a comment

It’s just not the same since the Murray Avenue Grill, a venerable Squirrel Hill establishment, was converted from a dive to a fern bar, as Beth, Kevin, and Ron found out. The food was still good, though, and pitchers are still cheerfully served.

Ron got an order of wings for old times’ sake. Kevin ordered the chicken fettucini, which provided a mound of food enough for two additional dinners the following week. Beth gave her grilled chicken and rice a thumbs-up.

There was talk of moving the party on to Mario’s, then the plan changed to the White Eagle, for the benefit of darts and large-screens to watch the Penguins playoff game. On the way out, however, they came across Kristen, a friend of Kevin’s fromĀ eToll [now defunct], so they stayed for another round at the bar.

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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: L

April 20, 2000 Leave a comment

Kevin and Ron arrived at the Last Shot Lounge about the same time, and were joined about 45 minutes later by Jacques, Ruiz, Gina, Kaleigh, and Shane. The kids made their first appearance, the first step in their bid to pass up Meredith (and Mop).

The food, while mostly of the deep-fried variety, was very passable. There are enough TV screens to satisfy every taste, as long as your tastes include game shows, hockey, or hockey.

The Ruiz’s tried to get a bowling lane, but none were available, so they enjoyed a few games of darts. After they and Jacques left, Kevin and Ron played a few more games with an old dart league friend of Ron’s.

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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: K

April 13, 2000 Leave a comment

I was home from work at a reasonable hour, and after reading the mail and the other usual chores, it was about 6:35. I thought, “Plenty of time to relax and listen to the radio a bit before heading down to Kason’s.” I awoke with a start a while later, and saw that the clock said 7:25. I jumped in the car and raced down the mountain and over the river, and found a parking space half a block away from Kason’s. At 7:30 exactly, I found Ron at the bar, glancing deliberately at his watch.

We had a couple of beers and overhead a disturbing conversation of a sexual nature by a group of middle-aged people. We decided to head up to Kaib’s on Mt. Washington for food.

The sandwich seletion was ample; I opted for the Rueben while Ron chose a plain hamburger (which showed up with cheese on it anyway). The beer is a bargain–a buck for a Yuengling Black & Tan draft.

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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: J

April 6, 2000 Leave a comment

There was an epic turnout for dinner at Jimmy Tsang’s Chinese Restaurant, which included Beth, Chris, Gina, Harry (who brought along Bill, Matt, and Steve from the office), Jacques, Karbo, Kevin, Kristi, Lori, and Ron. The waitress did a good job of accommodating those who arrived at various times over the course of the meal.

The early arrivals started with a couple of pu-pu platters, dumplings, and other appetizers. The meals included General Tso’s Chicken and Kung Pao <insert meat here> and others, all of which were tasty.

Alas, the crowd dispersed after dinner, leaving only Kevin and Ron for the Jack’s leg of the tour. They played four games of darts (Ron-3, Kevin-1) before heading out around 11:30.

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