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February 26, 2000 Leave a comment

Breckenridge, Colorado

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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: D

February 24, 2000 Leave a comment

It was Kevin and Beth vs. Ron in a race up the Parkway North. Ron pulled ahead around a cluster of traffic, but by the time we both found parking spaces, it was pretty much a draw.

The first order of business with the hostess at Domenico’s Ristorante was determining how many we needed to seat. We figured seven was a good estimate, but as the crack staff rearranged the tables, Jacques arrived to inform us that he was pretty much it.

Note to self: don’t get daring (or cheap) again by trying the “Mystery Beer.” It turned out to be Two Dogs Lemon Brew. Beth made made a save, however, by trading me for her Dortmunder. My second choice was the Beer of the Month; I forget the name, but it was a much more palatable selection. Jacques had to send his wedding soup back, but all of our sandwiches were pretty good.

Along the way on our trek home, we stopped in on Harry and Sean and the rest of the gang at [now defunct]. Foosball and video games were enjoyed by all.

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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: C

February 17, 2000 Leave a comment

As told by guest reporter Ron…

…And then there was one.

Jacques, Ron, and Karbo braved the wilds of Homestead to congregate at Chiodo’s. Kevin and Beth apparently forgot that the alphabet has more than 2 letters, thereby leaving Ron as the only one to make every stop on the A-to-Z bar tour so far. (Editor’s note: I was on vacation.)


Three letters:

  • Ron (A, B, C)

Two letters:

  • Jacques (B, C)
  • Kevin (A, B)
  • Beth (A, B)

One letter:

  • Meredith (A)
  • Mop (A)
  • Paige (A)
  • Harry (B)
  • Sean (B)
  • Tara (B)
  • Karbo (C)
  • Bender (B)

No letters:

  • Gina (an excuse that seems a little too convenient)
  • Ruiz (“I’m not allowed out.”)
  • Kaleigh (“I don’t know how to drive.”)
  • Shane (“Damn fuzz confiscated my ID.”)
  • Lori (“I never learned the alphabet.”)
  • Kimmi (“I only drink at bars in Ireland.”)
  • Goofy (waiting in line to buy the booger game)
  • Kristi (too busy telling people that they can’t use the internet)
  • The starting line-up of the ’76 Flyers (too busy abusing people)

Hopefully, some people will redeem themselves at Sham Rockin’ on the South Side in 2 weeks. After all, it is for the little kids.

Everson – get a new damn car.

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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: B

February 10, 2000 Leave a comment

Ah, the smell of pierogies in the air, the taste of dollar bottled imports, and the sound of Ron whining about being “forced” to go to Mexico–this is what Thursday nights at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern are made of.

Attenders this week were Bender, Beth, Harry, Jacques, Kevin, Ron, Sean, and Tara. The party broke up around midnight.

Absent were Kimi, Karbo, Goofy, Chris, Gina, Kristi, and Lori. The Mop clan also neglected to elect a representative, although our trusty spies reported them being seen leaving the Bravo Italian Kitchen in North Fayette on Friday night.

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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: A

February 3, 2000 Leave a comment

The idea for the A-to-Z Bar Crawl came about 1997 or so when the usual gang was sitting around enjoying a few pitchers at The Apple Inn, a bar in the Dormont neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Somebody mentioned Albert’s, another local watering hole, when Sylvia, at the time a newcomer to the group, remarked “Do all the bars you guys hang out in start with the letter “A?” That got us to thinking that at one time or another, we’ve probably been to a bar beginning with every letter of the alphabet. This led to a great idea for a bar crawl.

With jobs at Internet start-ups, kids to care for, and other commitments, we decided that instead of a serious one-day bar tour, we should try to visit each bar one per week, as an excuse to get together and stay in touch with all our friends. Since we are spread from the balmy South Hills to the Great White North Hills, we’ll tried to pick places around the greater Pittsburgh area so that everyone got a chance to attend at least once in a while, if not every week.

Week one started things off with Al’s Cafein Bethel Park.

Six crawlers braved the elements on this snowy February evening: Beth, Kevin, Mop, Meredith, Paige, and Ron. Meredith, at age 27 months, enjoyed her first beer night. Here’s to many happy returns, Meredith!

After dinner and a couple pitchers of Yuengling, Beth, Kevin, and Ron stopped over at The Apple Inn for old time’s sake, enjoyng a few more pitchers and darts. Estimated time of departure: 12:30am.

Among the excuse-boys was Jacques, who had his own tale of woe to report (see below). Also AWOL were Bender, Kimi, Sean, Harry, Karbo, Goofy, Chris, Gina, Kristi, and Lori.

Submitted by Jacques:

The sea was angry that day my friends; listen to the tale of woe I am about to tell you.

Last night I was “volunteered” to attend Geek Night. It was at the Foundry Ale Works [no longer in existence], and the beer was being paid for by YourFit [also defunct]. So sure, I’ll go, mingle with a few geeks, hand out a few business cards. Drink some free beer. How hard could that be?

Oh, woe was me.

I saw him first; I knew I knew him but didn’t really recognize him. If only I had, perhaps I could have escaped in time. But no, there was no escape. I was talking to some chick who sells banner ads for CNN/Turner Broadcasting when he walked up and said “Hello Jacques.” Maybe I should have denied being me, it would have been worth a shot…

Well, I am not going to bore you with all the details. It is better for you that way.

He gave me three business cards. Told me some idiocy about one of the companies he owns suing another one of the companies he owns.

The last card has a front and back. The names of the various sites the company runs is on the back of the card.

Angry indeed my friends.

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