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A-to-Z Bar Crawl: D

It was Kevin and Beth vs. Ron in a race up the Parkway North. Ron pulled ahead around a cluster of traffic, but by the time we both found parking spaces, it was pretty much a draw.

The first order of business with the hostess at Domenico’s Ristorante was determining how many we needed to seat. We figured seven was a good estimate, but as the crack staff rearranged the tables, Jacques arrived to inform us that he was pretty much it.

Note to self: don’t get daring (or cheap) again by trying the “Mystery Beer.” It turned out to be Two Dogs Lemon Brew. Beth made made a save, however, by trading me for her Dortmunder. My second choice was the Beer of the Month; I forget the name, but it was a much more palatable selection. Jacques had to send his wedding soup back, but all of our sandwiches were pretty good.

Along the way on our trek home, we stopped in on Harry and Sean and the rest of the gang at yourfit.com [now defunct]. Foosball and video games were enjoyed by all.

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